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Reptile Rescue


Canyon Critters Reptile Rescue was started as a safe place for people to bring their unwanted reptiles as an alternative to releasing them into the wild and dooming them to death. Many people are unaware that most reptiles cannot survive outdoors. Here in Colorado it is far too cold for most to live. There is also very little chance for them to find enough, if any, food out in the wild.


It is unfortunate the large number of rescues that come to us with injuries; most of which are unintentional accidents or from lack of knowledge. Almost all are brought to us because people are unaware and unprepared for the cost of a reptile vet — if you can find one. Not to mention the time to treat a lot of these injuries is months not days. Medications are rarely oral, and injecting a reptile is not so easy. But we do what's necessary to care for all the critters in our rescue.


Please contact us for current available reptiles!
Please send donations to: Canyon Critters P.O.Box 7231 Golden, CO. 80403


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